Viewport exhibition

New work by 20ten and guests revealing broad vistas which may be partially obscured. A restricted outlook that re-focuses our experience of the world.

20ten collective are delighted to announce the opening of Viewport. This collection of new work at Studio 20ten is part of Imagine Festival. The exhibition runs from Wednesday 12th October to 19th November.

Through 'Viewports' we may encounter a variety of perspectives that offer different 'windows’ on the same subject. The work includes photography and prints, paintings and sculpture in a range of media, and installation artwork.

‘Viewport’ reveals vistas and looks into limited aspects of reality. It doesn't necessarily reflect the truth of the wider world. Windows, doorways, frames and optical devices are points of entry into different domains, while digital technology also exposes us to new realms.

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Viewport Gallery 20ten

Viewport exhibition Gallery 20ten

Viewport exhibition 2016

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