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20ten artists

20ten is a Waterford based collective of distinctly diverse artists; Pat Carri, Kevin Connolly, Róisín Kinsella, Darragh Lyons, Pat McArdle, Christine O'Brien Shanahan, Conor Rush and Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock. All are based in South East Ireland. The group's strength is the diversity of styles represented. As a collective the artwork reflects each artists' individual interpretations of shared concepts and life experiences.

20ten artist collective

20ten provides a supportive environment that encourages personal growth, and opportunities to develop as an artist. While each artist pursues individual direction and focus, the collective act of getting together annually and preparing work on a shared and mutually agreed theme allows for development and growth within and outside of each artists studio.

Studio 20ten: Gallery & Workspace

Located on Lombard Street this artist-led workspace has been developed by 20ten art group. The gallery is open to the public in the afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday. The multi-purpose facility allows members to exhibit, with the gallery initially open four afternoons a week. The workspace enables the development of larger projects, performance artwork and art installations. A programme of workshops will be offered as part of the group's Education, Community and Outreach (ECO) programme. The project is supported by Waterford City and County Council’s Arts Office.

20ten artwork & exhibitions

20ten work in a wide range of media including painting in oil and acrylic, drawing, photography, video, installation, multi-media and sculpture, in both ceramic and wood. 20ten exhibit annually, creating collections around specific themes.

20ten art group with guest artists Kate-Bowe O'Brien and Kagda Karol at Scattering-Gathering Opening at Garter Lane Arts Centre 2013 photo by Cecelia Carelse Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock Conor Rush Kevin Connolly Roisin Kinsella Chris O'Brien Shanahan Darragh Lyons l-r: Christine O’Brien Shanahan; Darragh Lyons; guest artist Madga Karol; Pat McArdle;Kevin Connolly; Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock; Conor Rush; Róisín Kinsella and guest artist Kate-Bowe O'Brien

20ten artist collective
l-r: Conor Rush; Adele, Tramore Coastguard Cultural Centre; Kevin Connolly; Róisín Kinsella; Darragh Lyons; Christine O’Brien Shanahan; Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock; Pat Carri and by Margaret Organ, County Waterford Arts Officer.

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