Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock

20ten artist Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock no-87-11Graduated with BFA (hons), Parson School of Design, New York in 1979, Major in Illustration/Printmaking, and MLA (hons) & Certicate of Merit, 1984, University of Pennsylavania, Majoring in Landscape Architecture / Regonial Planning. While in the USA, 1984 -1991, Milia attended a number of art academies part-time to develop primarily her Fine Art painting experience, continue her drawing and printmaking: New York Academy of Fine Arts,Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and Arts Student League. In 1989 Milia received a first class award in painting in Teply’s studio-ASL.
20ten artist Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock no-87-11Milia moved to Ireland in 1991, setting up a private practice in Landscape Architecture and part-time lecturing at UCD and WIT. She resumed her painting 2005.

Solo exhibition: Waterford Museum of Treasures, 2010.
Non 20ten shows: Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford, 2011; Greenacres Gallery, Wexford, 2012; Tramore Coastguard Cultural Centre, June 2012.

20ten artist Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock no-87-11Artist Statement:“I enjoy exploring how to convey an emotional state or mind, the relationship or tension between the duality of opposites like order verses chaos or the rational and spiritual side of our nature. My inspiration is from the landscape both natural and built, reflecting personal experiences rooted in Greece, life in the USA and in Ireland. My paintings being a metaphoric visual expression of life in a constant state of fluctuation, in motion (kinesis) scattering and gathering, fragile, transitory, hanging, migratory, sometimes rootless, joyful and sad.”

20ten artist Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock - #110-12 oil on canvas

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