Group 20ten artist collective is based in South East Ireland.

The members work in a range of media including photography, paintings in oils, acrylic and mixed media, sculptures in wood, ceramics and mixed media, art installation and multi media audio/visual works.

Each artist expresses a different viewpoint on life and art. Their shared explorations of visual perception offer layered perspectives. These are reflected in ethereal imagery and forms, haunting landscapes, subtle tones, vibrant colour and abstract expressionism.


The Winter Collection 2017
17th November to 23rd December 2017 | Gallery 20ten
Contemporary and traditional paintings, photography and sculpture by 20ten members Pat Carri, Darragh Lyons, Christine O’Brien, Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock and Beata Zakrzewska. They will be joined by guest artists. 
Studio 20ten is supported by Waterford City & County Council.

Milia Tsaoussis maddock - genius lociGenius Loci
11th October to 11th November 2017 | Gallery 20ten

Exhibition of paintings, sculpture, prints and photography inspired by Spirit of Place. Work by Pat Carri, Darragh Lyons, Pat McArdle, Christine O'Brien, Conor Rush, Milia T Maddock and Beata Zakrzewska. more info

logo- culture nightCulture Night 2017
Courageous Creativity
So you think you aren't creative - take an artistic risk and have fun in the process. This light-hearted free workshop with Art/Creative Therapist Pat Carri, 7- 8pm

Earth Wood & Fire sculpture exhibition at Gallery 20tenEarth, Wood & Fire
5th 23rd September 2017
| Gallery 20ten
Exhibition of sculptures from Traditional Skills Workshop, Waterford, includes glazed and unglazed ceramics, wood, metal and mixed media pieces.  Part of Gallery 20ten’s Community Interaction Programme. more info

Group 20ten Genius loci exhibition 2017

Meet the 20ten artists
Group 20ten members at opening of Gallery 20ten
18a Lombard st, Waterford:
Pat McArdle | Christine O'Brien | Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock| Darragh Lyons | Róisín Kinsella | Pat Carri and Conor Rush;
Beata Zakrzewska and Kevin Connolly not pictured

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